Listing Photography

Professional photography is the foundation on which digital media representation is built, which is why we've included it for FREE in all of our service packages! DSLR photography and professional editing with Adobe Creative Suite provide a platform for us to start building your digital presence.  

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The retail landscape is competitive, with new entries coming on each day. What better way to market your business than through video representation on the worlds largest search engines. Our full-service video production allows us to offer you a platform to magnify and illustrate features, using a wide range of production services like aerial and 4k video concepts. 

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Portrait Photography


Capture the occasion with professional portrait photography. Whether you're hosting a special event, or need some quality headshots, we've got you covered! DSLR photography and professional editing with Adobe Creative Suite provide us with many ways to get you the most and best out of your big day!  

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Aerial Photography & Video

Large spaces require depth in capture, and sometimes it's not enough to use a wide-angle lens. With aerial photography we are able to feature large spaces and capture an entire landscape in one photo. If that isn't enough we can also capture 4K video for support on in-house sites and third party sites like YouTube. Perfect for land, cityscapes, and recreational entities like a flyover through an 18-hole golf course, no building is to tall and no land is to large.

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360 Photos & Video

Let's be honest, typical virtual tours aren't really "virtual" at all, instead consisting of existing photos that play through a video slideshow while elevator music sets the scene. At Juke Media, we're changing the way you use virtual media by actually making "VIRTUAL" media. With full 360 walk-thru's, interactive landscapes, and cross-platfom functionality, we're putting curb appeal at your fingertips and clients at your door.

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Custom Website

Don't have a website? We've got you covered. With hosting capabilities and cross-platform support, we can give you a custom website for digital media and any other info you require. We'll build a site using your vision and manage that site so you don't have to. Best of all, we offer free consultation throughout the process! Want the proof? You're looking at it. We built this website the same way we build all others - with passion!


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